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miércoles, 7 de marzo de 2012

I WANT TO DIE WHILE YOU LOVE ME, a poem by Georgia Johnson

FOTOGRAFÍA: Monasterio de Piedra, 233
Blanca Langa

  I want to die while you love me,
While yet you hold  me fair,    
While laughter lies upon my lips
And lights are in my hair.

I want to die while you love me,
And bear to that still bed,
Your kisses turbulent, unspent,
To warm me when I´m dead.

I want to die while you love me,
Oh, who would care to live
Till love has nothing more to ask
And nothing more to give!

I want to die while you love me
And never, never see
The glory of this perfect day
Grow dim or cease to be.

GEORGIA DOUGLAS JOHNSON was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1880. With her publication of 'The Heart of a Woman' in 1918, she became one of the most widely known African-American female poets since Frances E. W. Harper. 

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