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martes, 24 de julio de 2012

WHO HAS SEEN THE WIND?, a poem by Christina Rossetti

PHOTO: The garden. By Blanca Langa

Who has seen the wind?

Neither I nor you:

But when the leaves hang trembling,

The wind is passing through.

Who has seen the wind?

Neither you nor I:

But when the trees bow down their heads,

The wind is passing by.

Christina Rossetti

Christina Georgina Rossetti (5 December 1830 – 29 December 1894) was an English poet who wrote a variety of romantic, devotional, and children's poems. She is perhaps best known for her long poem Goblin Market, her love poem Remember, and for the words of the Christmas carol In the Bleak Midwinter.
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lunes, 23 de julio de 2012

HEART, WE WILL FORGET HIM, a poema by Emily Dickinson

PHOTO: La casa del Marqués. By Blanca Langa

  Heart, we will forget him,
you and I, tonight!
You must forget the warmth he gave,
I will forget the light.

When you have done pray tell me,
then I, my thoughts, will dim.
Haste! ´lest while you´re lagging
I may remember him.

  Emily Dickinson