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viernes, 9 de marzo de 2012




 "How much is it?", he asked. "Eighty", the shopkeeper answered.  She was wearing a dark purple dress. Fleshy lips, long nose, clever eyes and a nice smile. "It is a silken scarf, made in Sri Lanka by an old artisan. He sometimes works for us, but it is a very special person. Too independant. He only works from time to time. We are lucky this month. He is really inspired". "I love it", the customer said, "could you put the scarf around your neck?" "Of course, sir, it will be my pleasure". So she did. A bright smile spread on her face. "Perfect", he smiled at her. And made her turning to see her back. "Really perfect", he insisted. "You won´t regret this purchase, sir". "I won´t. But you will". And he streched the lace around her neck.

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