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martes, 28 de febrero de 2012


From left to right: José Verón Gormaz, Lucía Santamaría Nájara
Mª Dolores Tolosa, Blanca Langa.
Standing: Marga Verón explained the story of her wine cellar.

 Mª Dolores Tolosa, reading one of his short stories.

 José Verón Gormaz read some of his poems about wine.

José Verón Gormaz, Lucía Santamaría & Mª Dolores Tolosa.

  The event "Cup of letters" at Hotel Fornos was a real success. About eighty people tasted two red wines. The wine brads were LUG, from Bodegas Lugus. Marga Verón is the General Manager of this enterprise from Calatayud.
   Lucía Santamaría Nájara, Mª Dolores Tolores Tolosa and José Verón Gormaz were the guest writers.
   Lucía Santamaría Nájara told us about her new project in connection with her new novel. It will be a historical novel dated in the Middle Age.
   Mª Dolores Tolosa played one of her short stories, "Trío". After that, she read some poems from her last book of poetry. She is an Aragonese writer.
  José Verón Gormaz read some of his epigrams about wine.  He was accompaigned in the reading by Aurora Lassa, his wife, who read some poems, too. Verón is a writer and a photographer from Calatayud.
The AAE (Aragonese Association of Writers) were the organisers of this "Cup of letters". We want to thank Hotel Fornos for their generous hospitality and for lending us their dining room to hold this meeting.
  And of course, thank to the people who came and joined us.

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